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        The Acidified Oil

        Acid oil refers to the oil obtained by acidifying the saponin feet, a by-product produced by a grease refinery.

        The Dimeric Acid

        Dimeric acid is used in synthetic printed circuit board materials, ink manufacturing, rocket engine materials and other fields.

        The Soybean Phospholipid Oil

        Scope of application: Feed industry, such as livestock feed(pig, chicken, duck) aquatic feed(fish), used as a nutrient additive and feed processing assistant. Adding to feed has the function of promoting digestion and absorption, improving egg production, raising daily weight gain rate and feed utilization rate, etc..

        The Oleic Acid

        The oleic acid is an indispensable nutrient in animal food and an important chemical raw material.

        The Stearic Acid

        Stearic acid has a white or porcelain white waxy or crystalline solid that is soluble in solvents such as ethanol, ether, trichloromethane, and carbon disulfide. It is insoluble in water and non-toxic.

        The Asphalt

        Physical characteristics: Plant asphalt is the product of the process of comprehensive utilization of the saponin, mainly fatty acids such as C20 and above, and plant asphalt is a black viscous liquid or paste.